Complete projects

What we guarantee you at Ollevier en Co is that the bar is always higher. The ultimate in every way.

Complete projects

The best service, the longest experience, the surest guarantees, the most personal approach: you know it all and hear it everywhere. What we guarantee you at Ollevier en Co is that the bar is always higher. The ultimate in every way. Is it the thoroughness of our preparatory talk, the presentation of your tender, the accuracy of our employees, the level of completion of your dream?
You are simply always surprised.

The Distinction

1 Contact point: before, during and after the projects

You will receive 1 contact person for all your questions and concerns. You do not waste time calling around, asking around and driving around to get everything coordinated. With a clear structure and planning, we ensure a smooth running of the projects. While you are dutifully busy with your ‘order of the day’, we will do the same in the meantime. You come home every night, pleasantly surprised by the nice progress in your garden!

Unique design

All designs, personally signed by founder Mario Ollevier, are surprising and unique. Because we take care of both design and execution, are you sure of a practical plan that can easily be translated into reality.
Do you already have a design and do you want to have the construction carried out by us? No problem. We have even put the most technical designs effectively into practice.


Le dernier cri… It can go as far as you want. Some examples: we adjust the irrigation to the nearest weather station, so that it automatically knows when to spray, how much to spray, or not to spray. We manage your pool remotely, digitally. This allows us to control the temperature, rinse filters, adjust water value…all from a distance.

Everything is possible

You have an idea, a wish, but have not seen it anywhere yet? We dissect the idea into a practical study and implement this in practice. We make swimming pools with glass walls between the koi part, we build pools in the middle of nature ponds, we put monoblocs more than 70 metres far with special cranes, we plant heathland/dunes in your garden, we make ponds with minimal edges of 4mm thick that stand out straight above the ground… Everything is possible.

After service

Creating a beautiful garden is one thing, ensuring that it stays beautiful is at least as important. If you want to do this maintenance yourself, we make sure that you clearly know what to do. If you want to have the maintenance carried out by us, we provide a customised maintenance formula. You can also choose what is right for you: Weekly, monthly, yearly or a one-time clean-up for a garden party… We like to set the maintenance costs in advance.

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A dream or idea? We make an appointment without obligation. You’ll be amazed at what is possible. Our approach to exceed your high expectations is distinctively unique.

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